We Are


We work at the intersection of consulting, facilitation, and coaching.

We’re behavioral scientists, changemakers, strategists, and experience creators, but above all, we’re people looking to make a lasting and positive impact.

You are also a Karrikin — transformative, visionary, growing, working towards alignment.

Together, we’ll create the space for exponential growth in your organization.


We were founded by Peter Sheahan with the aim of accelerating transformation within communities and businesses.

Our leaders set the tone for how we show up daily as Karrikins. With decades of diverse experience in working with all sorts of organizations (from small to Fortune 500), our leaders guide our collective impact and enable transformative growth for our clients.

Bruce Siegel

CEO / Partner

Julie Williamson, PhD

Chief Growth Enabler / Partner

Peter Sheahan


Photograph of Carol Bertola, a consultant at Karrikins Group

Carol Bertola

Principal / HOW Activator

Annmarie Logue

Principal / HOW Activator

Kate Huckabay

Senior Consultant / HOW Activator / Assessment Lead