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Build alignment to unlock the full potential of you and your colleagues to deliver, together, on your most ambitious goals

Want To Better Align Your Team for Success?

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The Aligned Team Program™ (ATP) takes teams through a configurable process to clarify, connect with, and commit to new ways of working together.  Throughout the program you and your team will identify individual mindsets and group dynamics that drive behaviors across the team. Doing this work together changes the game when it comes to how your team prioritizes, focuses on delivering outcomes, and comes together as a team.

If you have a team that is just not quite coming together, the Aligned Team Program can make all the difference. It is perfect for teams where there are circular conversations, priorities that get left undone while business as usual takes over, or behaviors that aren’t appropriately being managed.  It is also great for new teams who are in the forming and norming stages and who want to build a solid foundation for going forward together.

We know that change is hard and it takes time. That’s why our program takes place over several months. We have tuned the program to keep teams engaged and to make the very best of the time we have together in sessions. When you are done, your team will have built their own Clarion Call and Ways of Working together, and have wonderful experiences to reflect back on. We look forward to doing this work with you!

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Why Alignment Matters for Teams

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At Karrikins Group we work with all sorts of teams as they lean into how to work together to deliver results. We know it can be tough, and many teams experience some of the following challenges:

Are you…

  • Having the same conversation over and over without a clear decision being made
  • Agreeing to something in the meeting and walking out and no action is taken
  • Being overly polite and respectful of each other to the point where hard conversations are avoided and disagreement is frowned upon
  • Setting goals that are in conflict with each other, so that if one person’s area ‘wins’, another ‘loses’

These types of common situations are symptoms of a lack of productive and healthy ways of working together to deliver on shared outcomes.

The Aligned Team Program is built to address these and other challenges by giving teams a process through which they work together to define their Clarion Call and Ways of Working, and then they continue to work together to bring those artifacts to life. We’d love to talk with you about how ATP can make a difference for you and your team.

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About the Certificate

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Follow the path to building alignment across your team when you work together to earn the Aligned Team Program Certificate. After successfully completing the Aligned Team Program, all teams will receive:

  • A personalized certificate
  • A digital badge for sharing on LinkedIn, your website & other platforms
  • Access to the Alignment Institute alumni network

Give your team the recognition they deserve for the hard work they’ve put into becoming more aligned to deliver together on your most ambitious goals by sharing your certificate with the world.

Align Your Team To Deliver Results

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Click here to schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn how alignment can result in greater impact for you and your team.


Leverage our KARRIKINS Behavior Model™ and the  Diamond Triangle™ to align your team to meaningful ways of working together.


Hold yourself and your team accountable to the Ways of Working they build during the program through our Hold the Line process™.

The ATP Experience

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ATP is one part organizational therapy, one part individual development, and three parts practical execution. We work with your team to identify and make visible deeply embedded individual mindsets, beliefs, and assumptions together with group dynamics that are impacting your ability to align and deliver together.

This work can be uncomfortable and confronting for people who prefer the status quo, but it is only through conversation that teams break through the invisible barriers that are holding them back and reach their full potential. We approach our work with care and respect while also creating productive tension and the space for quality conversations that are required for teams to work well together.

Are you…

  • Excited by the potential of your team but not sure how to fully unlock it
  • Concerned about how your team is functioning today because of legacy beliefs and behaviors
  • Forming or reforming a team with new members and new goals and wanting to accelerate your path to success
  • Frustrated by a team habit of agreeing to decisions and then not acting on them

If so, the Aligned Team Program is perfect for you and your team. Drop us a line today to talk about how we could configure ATP for you.

The ATP Approach

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ATP starts by building a Clarion Call with the team. The Clarion Call is a rally cry that helps the team articulate why they are a team and what kind of ethos and energy they are bringing to the work they do together.

The Clarion Call frames the conversations around Ways of Working together that will propel the team forward in productive and impactful ways. Together we do the work of identifying habits that drive outcomes and shifts that are necessary to create new results. 

Action planning and Accountability work is focused on the Ways of Working and how individually and collectively the team needs to shift to bring them to life.  

This work is ideal for teams that need to connect differently and commit to working together to deliver on ambitious goals. 

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Diagram that shows team touch points during the alignment work and accountability sessions

Program Info

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During the Aligned Team Program you will enjoy the benefits of a structured program together with the flexibility to build a schedule and approach that works best for your situation. This work is with us for you, not by us to you, so collaborating on the approach while ensuring our success practices are used is core to how we work.


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Pricing depends on the size of the team, the degree of complexity, and desired outcomes. Let’s talk about your situation and see what works for you!

Exceptional Results Come from Aligned Teams

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Through our Alignment Solutions, Karrikins Group has helped hundreds of the world’s most senior leaders and teams create the alignment needed to close the gap between ideas and execution. Our Aligned Team Program is ideal for teams who have the courage to be in pursuit of better as they work to deliver together on ambitious goals.

Is ATP right for our team?

Probably. Aligned teams create better outcomes faster and more consistently. If you feel like your team could be working better together, ATP could be a great accelerator. We can talk with you about your situation and if ATP or other programs fit well for you.

How long is the program and can we do it in less time?

ATP is designed to run over approximately 4 months of periodic team working sessions and accountability check-ins. Our background in business, social science, and behavioral change informs our programmatic designs – we know that change takes time and that work on behaviors is stickier when we come back to it at regular intervals rather than trying to get it all done at once. We can accommodate different timelines based on your team cadence, and we work with you to get the best results.

Will this be a distraction from what people are working on?

No, it won’t distract people. This work will focus people on the work that most needs to be done by creating quality conversations that make misalignment visible. Through this work, the team develops tools for course correcting quickly and effectively to keep momentum going in the right direction. We incorporate real-world situations your team is facing as a part of our workshop discussions to tackle challenges head on.

What’s the best time to do this with a team?

Our work suits teams at all stages of development from newly formed to deeply entrenchedWe often work with new team leaders or teams who have recently been reorganized as new ways of working are emerging, and our work is equally impactful for teams who have been together for a while and are realizing they are stuck in group dynamics that are ineffective or too comfortable for tackling the challenges they have ahead.

Messages That Make Us Smile

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“The process has taken us to a whole new level as a team. As a result of this program, our team has a unified message and we are empowering, coaching, and leading the same way.

“I love this work. What is next, who is next? I want to engrain this into the fabric of our firm. We are laying a solid foundation that we will build upon for the next five years and beyond.”

“The program has been impactful for me as a 24-year veteran of the firm. I am catching myself pausing and considering other perspectives and I am now taking ownership to change outcomes and will do things differently going forward.”

Request More Information

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Fill out the following form to schedule a 30-minute consultation about how alignment can transform you and your team.

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Connect with Kate

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Kate Zappitelli is Chair of the Alignment Institute and leads the Aligned Team Program. Connect with her to learn more about how to align and deliver as a team on your most ambitious goals.

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