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Unlock the alignment necessary for you and your team to deliver, together, on your most ambitious goals

Want To Better Align Your Team for Success?

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Our Align for Action Program™ (A4A) is a configurable program that takes teams through a process to accelerate how they deliver together on ambitious goals.

It is perfect for cross-functional or matrixed teams that are struggling to align, and for teams that are challenged to pivot how they deliver to internal or external customers as their products and services change.

We know change is hard so we stick with you as you build momentum. Teams that work with us deliver on ambitious strategies more quickly and successfully than they ever imagined.

Why Alignment Matters for Teams

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At Karrikins Group we know most teams can’t deliver in a vacuum. They depend on people and resources from across the organization to succeed, which means both leaders and team members need to align on what it takes to deliver exceptional results, and to create clarity for others to align as well.

Are you…

  • Struggling to create focus and commitment to strategic
    priorities or goals?
  • Having the same conversations over and over about what
    needs to be done and not seeing action being taken?
  • Feeling like you are only ever adding more things to do, and nothing ever comes off the list?

If so, the Align for Action Program is exactly what you need to create momentum for people to work differently together to deliver on your most ambitious objectives.

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About the Certificate

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Follow the path to building alignment across your team when you work together to earn the Align for Action Certificate. After successfully completing the Align for Action Program, all teams will receive:

  • A personalized certificate
  • A digital badge for sharing on LinkedIn, your website & other platforms
  • Access to the Alignment Institute alumni network

Give your team the recognition they deserve for the hard work they’ve put into becoming more aligned to deliver together on your most ambitious goals by sharing your certificate with the world.

How to Align Your Team for Action

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Click here to schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn how alignment can result in greater impact for you and your team.


Employ our GEAR-UP Model™ to power up your leaders, align your team, and deliver together on your most ambitious goals.


Experience how a transformative leader combined with a transformative team can create a greater impact.

The A4A Experience

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A4A is one part practical execution, one part organizational therapy, and one part leadership development.

We work with the entire team to have quality conversations about what it will really take to deliver on challenging goals. This work can be difficult and sometimes confronting for team members who prefer the status quo.

We create the space to do the work required for the team to succeed together.

Are you…

  • Excited about a new direction or transformation you are undertaking and want to jump start and build energy across the team or organization?
  • Feeling like you are only ever adding more things to do, and nothing ever comes off the list?

If so, the Align for Action Program is exactly what you need to create momentum for people to work differently together to deliver on your most ambitious objectives.

The GEAR-UP Model

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The program takes teams through a series of conversations to build alignment, using the GEAR-UP Model™ to create the momentum needed for successful action.

A4A is ideal for teams with mission-critical strategic objectives, matrixed teams, and horizontal leadership teams to build and drive alignment to shared outcomes that require more than one person or team to deliver.

Graphic of the KARRIKINS GEAR-UP Model
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Diagram of the A4A program components and sequence

Program Info

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In Align for Action, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: a structured program experience with the ability to build alignment to a specific and unique team objective.


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Pricing depends on the size of the team, the degree of complexity, and desired outcomes. Let’s talk about your situation and see what works for you!

Exceptional Results Come from Aligned Teams

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Through our Alignment Solutions, Karrikins Group has helped hundreds of the world’s most senior leaders and teams create the alignment needed to close the gap between ideas and execution. Our Align for Action Program is ideal for teams who have the courage to be in pursuit of better as they work to deliver together on ambitious goals.

Is this right for our team?

Maybe. If you are taking on an ambitious goal, probably. We can talk with you about the details and your particular situation to assess if the program makes sense for you. 

What level in the org do I need to be?

Mid-senior level leader who is responsible for delivering on a strategic priority. 

How long is the program and can we do it in less time?

The program is designed for three months of intensive work followed by three months of accountability check-ins. And, since we are working toward aligning to your unique goal, we can configure the timing to ensure your success. As social scientists, business people, and behavioral experts, we know that change takes time and small steps consistently will get you further than big jumps that fall short. Our experience shows clearly that regular small interventions over time create more acceleration and better results.

Won’t this just distract people from what we need to do?

No, it won’t distract people. This work will actually focus people on the work that most needs to be done by creating quality conversations that make misalignment visible and course correct quickly and effectively to keep momentum going in the right direction. We incorporate real-world situations your team is facing as a part of our workshop discussions to tackle challenges head on.

My cross-functional team is struggling to move the needle on our strategic priority – will this program work for us?

Yes! This program is designed with you in mind – we love working with teams that represent different parts of the organization to create alignment to a collective goal. 

Can I purchase the Alignment Assessment from the Align for Action program for my individual use?

Yes, the Alignment Assessment is available separately. Let’s chat about your assessment needs.

What if we need help with our strategy?

We do strategy work too, however this program is best suited for teams who need help aligning to a defined strategy or mission. Let’s chat about your strategy needs!

Messages that Make Us Smile

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“The process has taken us to a whole new level as a team. As a result of this program, our team has a unified message and we are empowering, coaching, and leading the same way.

“I love this work. What is next, who is next? I want to engrain this into the fabric of our firm. We are laying a solid foundation that we will build upon for the next five years and beyond.”

“The program has been impactful for me as a 24-year veteran of the firm. I am catching myself pausing and considering other perspectives and I am now taking ownership to change outcomes and will do things differently going forward.”

Our Client Experiences

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Request More Information

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Fill out the following form to schedule a 30-minute consultation about how alignment can transform you and your team.

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Connect with Kate

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Kate Zappitelli is Chair of the Alignment Institute and leads the Align for Action Program. Connect with her to learn more about how to align and deliver as a team on your most ambitious goals.

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