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Coaching and Executive Advisory Services provide individuals with support as they grow into their leadership roles. Our world-class coaches and advisors have experience in all types of businesses, including multi-national Fortune 500s, mid-sized partnerships, and everything in between. We span industries and geographies and are able to work with leaders at all levels of the organization.

Our world-class consultants work with models and approaches that uniquely combine business acumen, consulting experience, and social science to provide each client with a specifically configured experience that best suits their needs. 

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Investing in individual growth and development is a force multiplier for leadership 

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Coaching provides an opportunity for people to level up their leadership by unlocking new skills, perspectives, and ways of working with others. The ideal engagement is with anyone who is charged with leading a team or an effort that requires more skills and capabilities in bringing people together around shared goals. 

Executive Advisory Services focus on senior level leaders and Board members to help direct and focus effort on the most important and impactful areas of the business.  The ideal engagement is with a C-Suite or Executive who is looking to have more of an impact through their leadership. It is especially useful during times of transition on the team or personally.  

Shared Development is a unique offering where an Executive Advisor works with two or three senior leaders who need to come together and work differently to deliver on goals. This work is often done during a CEO transition, with a new Board Chair, or when a leadership team has siloed leaders who need to work more effectively together.

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Coaching Services

Coaching is a resource to people who are interested in creating greater self-awareness, sparking new behaviors, and leveling up their leadership. It is a process that improves performance by helping people to develop, sustain, and expand on new perspectives, attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

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Executive Advisory Services

We pair senior leaders with one of our Executive Advisors, who bring a combination of business acumen, consulting, and advising skills to help leaders think through business and people challenges. Through this process, people discover new ways of both thinking and doing as powerful leaders in their organizations.  

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Shared Development

Shared Development provides support to senior leaders who need to find effective ways of working together as colleagues. This work is done with two or three senior leaders who are pursuing ambitious goals. It is often used to support leader transitions including on boarding, off boarding, and changes in power dynamics.

Bar none, our engagement with Karrikins has been the finest, most effective experience that we’ve had as a leadership team in my entire career. Karrikins Group is insightful, candid, and paradigm shifting.

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Interested in leveling up your leadership through Coaching or Executive Advisory Services? Contact us for a no-obligation conversation about what you are looking for; we’d love to chat.

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Kate Zappitelli is Chair of the Alignment Institute and guides the Coaching and Executive Advisory Services. Connect with her to learn more about transforming your own leadership.

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