About the Alignment Institute®

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At Karrikins Group we are on a mission to build a new breed of leaders who refuse to settle – the ones who aren’t OK with being just OK. We are committed to making HOW matter – building the clarity, connection, and commitment required to courageously bring your most ambitious strategies to life.

Kate Zappitelli

Chair, Alignment Institute / HOW Activator

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Alignment is the most under leveraged superpower a leader can develop to spark real change

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Our premier leadership programs are grounded in the four dimensions of alignment: Clarity, Connection, Commitment, and Courage. As leaders explore how to work beyond agreement by creating alignment with their colleagues, each dimension comes into play to create the conditions for growth.

The Karrikins Group Solutions

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Are you sitting in meetings repeating the same conversations? Frustrated that big ambitions fall short year after year? Tired of spending time in strategy sessions only to see people go back to business as usual as soon as the meeting is over? You are in the right place. Aligned leadership creates the quality conversations needed to break out of those habits while accelerating growth and transformation.

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Certified Aligned Leader Program
For Individuals

Building the leadership superpower
for strategy execution and growth

If you are an individual looking to level up your leadership, our premier Aligned Leader Program™ is perfect for you. Over six weeks it provides content, coaching, and connections that will help you develop your own spidey sense to create and maintain alignment on your team and with your colleagues. Join one of our cohorts to fully experience the power of alignment in your own success.

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Align for Action
For Teams & Organizations

Building powerful leaders and teams to align and deliver

Are you responsible for strategic outcomes and/or working across your organization to deliver results? Our Align for Action Program™ is a configurable program that takes teams through a process to accelerate how they deliver together on ambitious goals. We use our GEAR-UP Model™ to create the momentum needed for successful action. Teams who work with us deliver on bold strategies more quickly and successfully than they ever imagined.