Nicole Winkler

Nicole Winkler, PhD

Senior Consultant / HOW Activator

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Nicole is a Senior Consultant and HOW Activator at Karrikins Group. She is energized by creating the space for leaders to come together and have quality conversations that build deep executive alignment and make real change happen. Further, it excites her to see the enduring, integrated impact these conversations have as they ripple throughout the organization.

Nicole has an extensive background in organizational psychology and brings experience in consulting, coaching, and facilitation. She is driven to create positive and lasting impact for our clients.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”
–John Maxwell

Background and Experience

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Nicole has a PhD in Organizational Psychology with an Individual and Executive Coaching Concentration. She has worked with Fortune 500 organizations and senior leaders to make development and growth a top priority.

Prior to Karrikins Group, Nicole played a pivotal role in the global talent development department for an international medical device company, where she designed and managed leadership development programs. Additionally, she coached individuals and teams on leveling up their leadership skills and starting with self. She is a certified practitioner in a variety of assessment tools including BlueEQ (emotional intelligence), Enneagram, Workplace Big Five, and is able to facilitate workshops in support of DiSC and other tools.

With a passion for learning and teaching, Nicole has also served as adjunct faculty in the Organizational Psychology department at Alliant International University. She currently serves as an advisory board member for the Design Thinking Executive Program at University of California, Riverside. Fueling her evidence-based practice, Nicole’s research portfolio has examined many of today’s major workplace topics, from leadership, retention, and managing a multigenerational workforce, to employee health and wellbeing. Nicole is a lifelong learner dedicated to empowering others and understanding how people can work better together.

Past Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Professor & Guest Lecturer at Alliant International University, Organizational Psychology Program
  • Senior Specialist, Global Talent Development at MicroVention-Terumo
  • Leadership Development Coach at Gordon Engineering Leadership Center, UC San Diego

Educational Background

  • PhD in Organizational Psychology at Alliant International University, San Diego
  • MA in Organizational Psychology at Alliant International University, San Diego
  • BA in Psychology from Chapman University

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