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Align as a Board and effectively partner with your leadership to unlock growth and drive your collective impact

Are You Ready to Amplify the Impact of Your Board?

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At Karrikins Group, we believe that a Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in an organization’s impact and a Board that is aligned in their partnership with the leaders of their organization can unlock the ability to up-level their impact. Our Board Alignment engagement ranges from 3 to 6 months and is focused on building alignment around the ways in which you as a Board of Directors come together and partner with the leadership in your organization to unlock growth and drive collective impact.

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Develop shared clarity and alignment on your why, what, and how as a Board of Directors through quality conversations.

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Discover new ways of working together, noticing and naming tradeoffs and blockers, driving alignment through dialog.

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Amplify the impact you have by effectively partnering with the leadership in your organization to drive growth.

Jerry Horton, President and CEO of American Public Life,
shares his thoughts on working with Karrikins Group.

The Purpose of Alignment for Boards

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Many Boards know what needs to be done as it relates to their role within an organization, and why they exist in the first place, but they struggle to align around how to deliver together and in partnership with the executive team, shareholders and/or ownership.

Board alignment is a solvable problem for those truly interested in making an impact, and the challenge of alignment shouldn’t hold Board Members back from partnering effectively with the leaders of the organization.

Are you…

  • Spending too much or all of your time in historical reporting, and little to no time providing strategic direction for the future of the organization? 
  • Dipping too far into management issues and managerial tasks instead of having quality conversations with your leadership team? 
  • Feeling limited in your ability to provide value or have an impact on the organization?

A high-performing Board of Directors consists of engaged members who work together, and in partnership with the organization’s leadership, to drive value and create impact for the future of the organization.

The Board Alignment Experience

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Powerful Boards partner effectively with the management team to build strategies that take companies to the next level. Unfortunately, many Boards are under-leveraged because of historical patterns, a lack of clarity in roles and ways of working, and/or contentious relationships with senior leaders.

Through our Board Alignment engagement, we work with you to create alignment across your Board and between the Board and the leadership team. As a result, the company can streamline performance, stimulate growth, and deliver to customers, colleagues, communities, and investors alike.

Board alignment is focused on how boards and management teams work together to deliver growth and impact. Without a clearly defined how, management teams and Boards can easily become ineffective at working together to deliver results.

Our work is designed to bridge that gap and help these important groups work together to create accelerated growth.

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Our Client Experiences

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Connect with Annmarie

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Annmarie Logue leads our Board Alignment practice. Connect with her to learn more about how alignment can transform you and your board.