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Build the leadership muscle to set strategy, iterate in response to changing circumstances, and deliver your most ambitious strategy goals

Ready to Lead Your Team in Delivering Confidently on Strategy?

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Dynamic Strategy™ is a 6-week engagement focused on developing an iterative, flexible strategy that will infuse more energy into the day-to-day work of executing. During this process you will drive the leadership buy-in necessary to achieve ambitious goals. Through our time together with your team, you will all become more adept at defining strategy, setting direction, routinely executing strategy, and adapting to changing circumstances.

Our Dynamic Strategy approach is designed to bring out the strengths needed for you to confidently and successfully lead your team as you set and execute your company’s strategy for the future. In addition to our full dynamic strategy development work, we offer a 1-2 day strategy workshop to bring your team together and catalyze your thinking.

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Accelerate progress toward your goals through disciplined strategic execution that generates faster buy-in, energetic support, and focused application.

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Lead more productive and fruitful strategic discussions.

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Develop a strategy that guides day-to-day operations and decision making, enabling you to more effectively deliver on commitments.

Through the Strategy and Alignment Journey work, we have brought the WHAT and the HOW of the Diamond Triangle together. Less than a year later, it’s taking hold across the firm – the groundwork has helped anchor us to transform the firm, while managing an uncertain future.


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Unlock Potential and Accelerate Results by Framing and Clarifying Your WHAT.

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We believe every organization should have a completed Diamond Triangle™. Leaders should know WHY (mission, vision, purpose) and WHAT (strategy, priorities, BHAGs) they are doing, and they should be equally clear on HOW they will deliver together as leaders.

Our Dynamic Strategy work focuses on the WHAT of the Diamond Triangle – the direction that leaders use to drive the company forward.


Brent Bowman

Principal / HOW Activator at Karrikins Group

Why Dynamic Strategy Matters for Small- to Mid-sized Businesses

It takes skill and intentionality to successfully execute and iterate on strategy. All too often, strategy is left up to isolated strategy groups or outside consultants, so once formulated it tends to collect dust somewhere because there isn’t clarity and connection across the leadership team that needs to spearhead it.

The common “one and done” approach to strategy also means that even a well-thought-out strategy doesn’t reflect a true consensus and isn’t integrated into day-to-day operations.

Are you…

  • Making business decisions that ignore the strategy because it isn’t clear enough to guide day-to-day decisions by leaders?
  • Feeling stifled by teams that are disjointed and disconnected from your strategy?
  • Tired of seeing competitors seize opportunities you saw first because you were unable to connect strategic insight into daily execution?

At Karrikins Group, we want your strategy to support you in every way possible – and to help you redefine what is possible. Our 6-week Dynamic Strategy experience will equip you with a clear growth strategy and leadership agreement that will infuse more energy and buy-in to enhance your potential and achieve ambitious goals.

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The Experience

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Dynamic Strategy will engage you in an immersive process to clearly define WHAT you do as a company, apply it in a disciplined manner, and lead more productive and fruitful strategy discussions, leveraging a variety of exclusive Karrikins Group tools and methodologies.

Developing a dynamic strategy will pay dividends long into the future thanks to the combination of foresight, focus, and flexibility it infuses into your strategic thinking and strategic planning. At the end of this engagement, you’ll go back to your business with the following:

  • A complete Strategy Framework™ including:
    • A clear WHAT, defined as a Strategic Destination™
    • 3 to 5 Value Plays™ that clarify the priorities and investments that are needed
  • Identified areas where focus and investment must change or stop
  • Deeper clarity about, and understanding of, what it will take to succeed
  • Leadership connection to the strategy

If you’ve made a choice to create and participate in the future, that’s a worthy effort that should be supported by your strategy. Don’t make strategy a side hustle.

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Our Client Experiences

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Messages that Make Us Smile

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Compared to my experience with those high-end strategy consulting firms we all know, I thought you had a very practical approach and you got the management team aligned pretty quickly. Without creating anxiety, you created momentum.

Board Member

Medical and consumer product manufacturing company

The approach was completely different than anything we have done in the past. I loved the pace and how the Karrikins team helped us to create a solid plan in a condensed time frame using a unique approach and fully engaging our team – a “bases loaded grand slam” we couldn’t have done without you.


Top 100 accounting and consulting firm


Evaluating Your Strategy: Is it Ambitious Enough?

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Your strategy must be bold enough to shake apart deeply held beliefs, relationships, and organizational habits.

Download our free article to learn about the 7 questions you need to ask about your strategy today.

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Fill out the following form to schedule a 30-minute consultation to explore your existing strategy and past strategy-defining experiences, the problems you’re trying to solve, and ultimately how we can help you set a dynamic strategy that helps you achieve your most ambitious goals.

Brent Bowman

Connect with Brent

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Brent Bowman leads our Dynamic Strategy practice. Connect with him to learn more about how to set and execute a dynamic strategy that accelerates growth.

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