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Alignment Often Starts with a Spark

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Our Catalytic Events use the best immersive, energetic, and engaged techniques to drive action and create change in participants.

Our favorite outcome is to have a participant reach out weeks later and say, “I’ve been putting it in action, and the results are astounding.” While our workshops originated ‘in real life’, we have rebuilt them to be incredibly effective virtually. We are excited about the ability to continue to reach audiences far beyond what is possible in a more traditional setting.

Our Catalytic Events Include:

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Moving from Agreement to Alignment

There is no greater urgency in most organizations than the need to create alignment across leaders. Without it, the best ambitions will struggle to gain traction. Help your teams leap the failure gap by using this engaging, hands-on experience to make the space between agreement and alignment visible and therefore something that can be solved.

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2-Day Strategic Plan Development

As we all know, the pull of ‘business as usual’ and the power of the status quo can quickly overwhelm strategic ambitions. You know your business and we know strategic planning. Over 2 days, together, we’ll create your strategic plan that disrupts the status quo, serves as a touchstone for decision making, and enables progress that can be measured.

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Lead with Intentional Optimism

Leadership is contagious – it has a disproportionate impact on people and is amplified quickly across a team and through an entire organization. Learning to recognize how you are showing up and the impact it might be having on others is a critical leadership skill. This workshop helps leaders to self-identify where they are and to regulate or amplify as necessary.

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Make Meetings Better

Hardly anyone has ever said, “I wish I was in more meetings.” That’s because meetings aren’t as good as they can be. Meetings should be where the magic happens – where people convene and solve big problems and create big ideas together. Instead, they often feel like a dreaded chore that can’t be over soon enough. We believe meetings can simply be better, and this workshop is designed to solve for that in creative ways.

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Unlock the Power of Everyday Innovation

Many companies say they want to be more innovative, but they don’t actually instill a spirit of everyday innovation in the people who can most deliver on it. Use this half-day workshop to help teams and leaders understand practical tools and techniques for creating the space for innovation…every day.

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The work we did together has been a tremendous help. One result you’d be particularly interested in is that my 12 month turnover went from 91% in 2019 to 56% in 2021… During a global pandemic… and a labor shortage. We have literally thrived through the past 18 months in terms of talent, and I “blame” our culture. I “blame” you. Thank you.

Rob Herold

Chick-fil-A Bowie Marketplace Owner

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