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Most leaders know what needs to be done and why, but they struggle to align their teams around how to deliver on their most ambitious goals. At Karrikins Group, our experts combine business acumenexecutive experience, and social science with the disciplines of facilitation, coaching, and consulting to create alignment and accelerate growth for leaders and their teams.

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Get started with one of our robust Alignment Journey™ engagements, learn about our Alignment Institute®, or check out our newest engagement, Dynamic Strategy.

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Experience a different kind of consulting or leadership development, geared toward activating sustained behavior change, transforming you and your team for the long-term.


See what goals and strategies you can accomplish when you lean into alignment and accelerate growth for yourself, your team, and your entire organization.

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The Alignment Journey™

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Are you a CEO, President, or Senior Executive looking to accelerate growth, deepen strategic success, and activate faster transformations for your organization?

Through the Karrikins Group Alignment Journey, we help organizations outperform the limitations of strategy, structure, capital allocation, and market conditions by making the invisible visible, solving the avoided, changing the unchangeable, and aligning the unaligned.

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The Alignment Institute®

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Are you looking to level up your leadership skills so you can better create alignment across your team and with your colleagues? Are you responsible for delivering on a specific strategy or goal that seems frustratingly hard to move toward?

The Karrikins Group Alignment Institute offers resources created specifically for leaders and teams looking to level up, create alignment and learn to deliver through the power of alignment and influence. 

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Dynamic Strategy™

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Are you a senior leader at a small- to midsize firm looking to have a well-defined growth strategy with disciplined execution?

Dynamic Strategy focuses on developing an iterative, flexible strategy that will infuse more energy into your day-to-day work, redefine your potential, develop strategic clarity and leader connection, and help you exceed ambitious growth goals. Through our time together, you’ll develop a new orientation toward strategy as an ongoing leadership undertaking, build new leadership habits, and become more adept at adjusting to ever-changing market conditions.

The Problem with Leadership Teams

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Many leaders know what needs to be done and why, but their team is not aligned around how to deliver together on their most ambitious goals.

The solution? Alignment.
Misalignment is a solvable problem for leaders who have the courage to do the work of defining how to lead together.

At Karrikins Group, we help leaders and teams create the alignment necessary to close the gap between ideas and execution.

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How Karrikins Group Inspires Transformational Alignment

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Most consultants rely on business expertise alone, but at Karrikins Group we know that isn’t enough to create truly exceptional business results. Our approach combines business acumen, experience with executive teams and social science to activate lasting behavior change that transforms leaders and their teams.

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Behavior Model™

primes leaders to change themselves and others, and teaches them how to sustain new behaviors through aligned organizational activation.

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Diamond Triangle™

is the framework we use to close the gap on how leaders deliver what they do and why they do it.

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Competency Model™

helps leaders develop the competencies and skills needed to create alignment through the lens of the 4Cs: clarity, connection, commitment, and courage.

Messages that Make Us Smile

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Our alignment work as a team with Karrikins Group has put us in a better position to address challenges and uncertainty that lies ahead.

Vice President

Global Lumber Producer

Building alignment is the single most underrated success factor in any team.
Chief Executive Officer

Global Manufacturing Company

My personal opinion is that [Karrikins Group is] helping us get to another level which will lead to a more prosperous, sustainable, and enjoyable future.

Chief Vision Officer

Multi-Use Real Estate Developer

Recent Insights from Karrikins Group

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Bringing the Power of Alignment to World-Class Leaders &  Companies

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