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Create alignment and accelerate growth for yourself and your team so you can deliver, together, on your most ambitious goals

Ready to Close the Gap Between Ideas and Execution?

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The Alignment Journey is a 12 to 18 month engagement focused on building alignment around the ways in which you as a team come together to deliver on your most important work. Through our time together, your team members will learn how to deliver results horizontally across the business while continuing to successfully lead vertically within their function or line of business.

The Alignment Journey is our most intensive and comprehensive engagement. It is designed to make visible what is often invisible – the deeply embedded mindsets, habits, and routines that many leaders follow in their decision making and ways of working.

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Develop shared clarity of ambitions and define how to deliver together by addressing misaligned mindsets and group dynamics.

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Discover new ways of working together, noticing and naming tradeoffs and blockers, driving alignment through dialog.

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Create alignment across the leadership team to deliver the full power of their collective capabilities.

Why Alignment Matters for Executive Teams

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At Karrikins Group, we know business isn’t getting any easier and exceptionally results now come from leaders who are able to align across their companies to deliver together as a team. In our experience partnering with senior leaders to drive transformation, we’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges comes from executives confusing surface-level agreement with alignment.

We leverage tools, such as our Diamond Triangle™, to help you define how to close the gap between ideas and execution.

Are you…

  • Avoiding the hard choices that will create real change for your team and your organization?
  • Having the same conversations over and over again, but still running into the same roadblocks?
  • Feeling limited in your ability to lead your team toward a unified vision?

It takes a courageous leader to go first and do the hard work of aligning to deliver on the promise of transformation, and no individual leader can do it alone – the most senior leaders in the organization must align around why, what, and most importantly how.

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The Experience

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The Alignment Journey will engage your leaders in an immersive process to clearly define how to lead together, leveraging a variety of exclusive Karrikins Group tools and methodologies.

Doing the hard work of creating and sustaining alignment will pay dividends long into the future as leaders learn to identify and hold themselves accountable as they work together to accelerate growth and increase impact.

Every Alignment Journey is unique, inclusive, highly collaborative, and co-creative. We engage with executives in a variety of forms including one-on-ones, executive sessions, and small group sessions as we work to move from Alignment to Activation.

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Request More Information

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Messages that Make Us Smile

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Our alignment work as a team with Karrikins Group has put us in a better position to address challenges and uncertainty that lies ahead.

Vice President

Global Lumber Producer

In order to move forward on our strategy plan, we knew we needed to get better at how we lead. [The Alignment Journey] has exponentially advanced our ability to lead better and deliver on our strategy.

Managing Partner

Accounting Firm

We truly appreciate your guidance and feel we walked away with a real understanding of our deliverables and outcomes. Looking forward to continuing this incredibly important and fun work with an amazing partner.
Customer Experience Officer

Global Real Estate Developer

Bringing the Power of Alignment to World-Class Leaders &  Companies

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