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Daniel Raffield

Consultant / HOW Activator

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Daniel is a Consultant and HOW Activator at Karrikins Group. He is inspired by leaders having the courage to go first, and create the clarity and connection needed to accelerate their growth as Aligned Leaders.

He finds joy in encouraging leaders to move into alignment by unearthing the blockers they face today in building a better path forward for tomorrow, together.

Daniel has a background in organizational change and partners with many of our clients during times of transformation through facilitation and leader support. He focuses on helping leaders create lasting behavior change, both for themselves and for their organizations.

“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

– Winston Churchill

Background and Experience

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Working with global organizations as well as mid-market and smaller companies, Daniel helps senior leaders bring their most ambitious strategies to life. In his work as a HOW Activator, Daniel has spent time in a variety of industries including manufacturing, financial services, and construction. With each area he has had the opportunity to work with senior leaders who are shaping their markets and growing their organizations. Daniel’s impact on these projects has included guiding and shaping strategic value plays, ways of working, and group leadership.

Prior to becoming a HOW Activator, Daniel worked closely with Peter Sheahan, the well-respected speaker and business leader who founded Karrikins Group, as both a Research Analyst and in optimizing Peter’s world-renowned brand. He also spent time in CPG and was instrumental in the design and implementation of successful operations strategies for businesses embarking on franchise brand transformations. He guided owners to confidently lead their brands and execute on their strategies for the future.

With a passion for community development and growth, Daniel served several terms on the Executive and Operational Committee for Rotary District 5450. Daniel continues to practice service above self by supporting youth exchange initiatives and taking an active role in building bridges between cultures through storytelling. Daniel maintains his curious disposition through his continuous pursuit of learning and his dedication to making the invisible, visible.

Daniel has a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Colorado, with a business focus.

Past Professional Experience
  • Board Member for Rotary District 5450
  • Research, Content and Marketing Manager, Peter Sheahan LLC
  • Operations Manager, Wheels on Fire
Educational Background
  • BA in Psychology from University of Colorado – Denver

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