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Principal / HOW Activator

Annmarie is a Principal and HOW Activator at Karrikins Group. She leads our Board Alignment practice and engages hands-on with clients to collaborate with leaders on success in their markets, boardrooms, and communities.

Annmarie brings frontline interdisciplinary leadership experience to her role at Karrikins Group that spans public, private, and not-for-profit sectors and ranges in size from the Fortune Global 50 to start-ups.

I’m passionate about co-creating up-leveled strategic impact with boards and executives.

Background and Experience

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Annmarie serves at the intersection of owners, board members and executives to align and activate their next level of impact. The work is done with them, for them, to gain greater shared clarity, improve their conversations, and evolve their interactions. Together, they co-create their unique next level of aligned strategic impact.

Annmarie’s passion is partnering for growth: new growth; returning to growth; navigating toward amplified and sustainable growth.  

Prior to joining Karrikins Group, Annmarie worked in various executive positions before starting her own professional services firm specializing in taking new initiatives from strategic visioning through planning, execution, refinement and positioning for on-going growth.

Annmarie has brought together and led teams with diverse and divergent backgrounds, beliefs and experiences to co-create impact that they hoped but weren’t certain was possible, across initiatives as varied as the people themselves. The initiatives have spanned six continents; the public, private and not-for-profit sectors; and some of the oldest practices and newest innovations known today to humankind. 

Past Professional Experience

  • President, Maxive Consulting, Inc.
  • Chief Financial Officer for International Development Enterprises
  • Senior Principal/Vice President at Azure/Connexn Technologies
  • Consulting Manager at Deloitte

Educational Background

  • MBA, Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Project Management Professional