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Become an Aligned Leader and unlock your potential for transformative impact across your organization

Want to Increase Your Influence and Drive Results?

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The Aligned Leader Program (ALP) is a 5-month cohort program that teaches leaders of all levels how to strengthen their skills and increase their influence in order to create the alignment necessary to drive results across an organization.

Get coaching, facilitation, and consulting from an experienced Karrikins Group Alignment Partner to:

  • Develop your ability to lead in a new and unique way
  • Cut through the matrix and effectively lead a coalition of team members
  • Learn to use the power of alignment to get things done
  • Deliver on hugely ambitious goals and objectives
  • Energize your team and get people excited about working together
  • Do this from the comfort of your office, living room, or favorite coffee shop
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Julie Williamson, PhD

Chief Growth Enabler & Partner at Karrikins Group
PhD in Organizational Communication, Published
Author & Sought-After Keynote Speaker

Why Alignment Matters for Leaders

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Most strategies fail because there isn’t alignment to the new behaviors and decisions required to deliver on them.

The Aligned Leader Program was designed by Dr. Julie Williamson from an intersection of business experience and social science that makes this program much different from other leadership development programs.

So ask yourself, are you…

  • Tired of ‘doing’ instead of ‘leading’?
  • Unsure how alignment plays into your role as a leader?
  • Looking for new ways to improve your leadership skills and increase your influence?

If so, the Aligned Leader Program can teach you the skills to create and maintain alignment on your team and across your organization through influence, not power.

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balances fast results with the time needed to establish new habits and behaviors.

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immediately applied the power of alignment to guide how they lead together in decision making and prioritization for investing time, money, energy, and resources.
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deliver accelerated results and high impact every day.

Your Aligned Leader Program includes:

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  • Access to world-class thought leadership on the power of alignment
  • Facilitated experiences that deepen your expertise
    • 5 individual virtual sessions with your uniquely qualified Alignment Partner
    • 3 highly interactive virtual cohort sessions
    • 1 tailored alignment session with your own team
  • Opportunities to develop connections with other cohort members
  • Engaging, interactive digital workbook
  • Additional content to support your learning
  • Badge of certification
  • Access to the Aligned Leader alumni network
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How to Become an Aligned Leader

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Register for an upcoming Aligned Leader ProgramView available cohort start dates.
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Learn how to lean into your skills as a leader and strengthen the muscle required to create alignment

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Transform your leadership, align your team, and deliver on your most ambitious goals


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Karrikins Group has worked with leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to drive organizational and individual growth.

“My 1:1s with the Karrikins Group team were so helpful in focusing me on alignment and its contribution to my team’s success.”

“I wish I’d known about this when I was a front line manager – it would have helped so much!”

“This program strikes on so many elements of who we are and more importantly who we want to be.

About the Aligned Leader Program

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At Karrikins Group, we push past traditional leadership development programs by combining knowledge with behavioral science to create sustained change. ALP provides content, personal interaction, and connections that help you lean into your own skills for creating and maintaining alignment on your team.

Aligned Leader Program

Program Info

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Build alignment from the comfort of your own space. The October and December cohorts are meeting virtually.

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Cohort Sessions: 2 Hours Each

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1:1 Sessions: 1 Hour Each

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Hours (Estimated) of Individual Work Between 1:1 Sessions

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Team Session: 1 Hour with You + Your Team, Facilitated by Your Alignment Partner


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$5000 per leader

10% Discount for 3+ Registrants
Use Code: ALP10

Exceptional Results Come from Aligned Leadership

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Through our Alignment Journey work, Karrikins Group has exposed thousands of leaders to the power of alignment and provided them with tools and resources to create aligned teams that deliver on ambitious goals. We have developed the Aligned Leader Program as a way to reach more leaders with our one-on-one work, inviting leaders of all levels to apply the tools and resources in meaningful ways to their own challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have people reporting to me to participate?

No, you do not have to have people reporting to you to participate. Aligned Leadership supports your work with colleagues and cross-functional teams.  Aligned Leadership is a valuable superpower to develop regardless of your role in the organization. 

What organizational leadership level is this program appropriate for?

This program is ideal for mid to senior level leaders who work across the organization as well as within their verticals. It will help you to strengthen your skills in both leading teams and influencing across your organization to get the most important work accomplished. 

Why is the program 5 months? / What happens if I can’t make all the sessions?

We believe that consistency over time makes for better learning than a single catalytic experience. It takes effort to develop superpowers, and by spreading that effort over 5 months you dramatically increase the likelihood of success.

Together with your Alignment Partner, you will choose the dates for your team session and 1:1 sessions.  All 1:1 sessions can be rescheduled with 24-hour notice and must be completed by the closing session. The dates of the three full-cohort sessions (opening, mid-point, and closing) will be published one month in advance.  If you have a conflict, you may request a recording of the session from your alignment partner.

Can I do a 360 feedback process through this program?
Yes for a incremental fee we will conduct our KG Alignment 360 on your behalf. Your Alignment Partner can coordinate that with you.
Will in-person cohorts be available in the future?

We are continuing to monitor the possibility of in person work together, however, at this time we are not planning on in person cohorts for 2021-2022. 

How will this impact my leadership / career development?

We provide the framework, the partnership, and the access, you do the hard work of stepping into your own power and voice. Together we build the muscle you need to make alignment visible, to effectively hold yourself and others accountable to being aligned, and to make the hard decisions that strategic success requires. You can expect to finish the program with new tools and resources to grow your career and to elevate your leadership vertically and horizontally in your organization. 

Choose a Cohort & Register Online Today

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December 2021 Cohort

December 2021 – May 2022

Important Dates:
Launch Session: December 6th
Mid-Point Session: February 18th
Closing Session: May 2nd

All sessions run 90 minutes and are held at 7am ET / 8am MT / 9am CT / 10am ET

February 2022 Cohort

February 2022 – June 2022

Important Dates:
Launch Session: February 17th
Mid-Point Session: April 7th
Closing Session: June 2nd

All sessions run 90 minutes and are held at 7am ET / 8am MT / 9am CT / 10am ET