​The Challenge

In early 2018, the fast-food industry reached record employee turnover with an average rate of 150%, the highest since researchers began recording data in 1995. Despite the fact that they were experiencing higher than average industry retention, Franchise Owners of this US National Fast Food Restaurant Chain desired the ability to attract, grow and retain talent.

“I, as the leader, have to create an environment in which employees actually want to pursue our purpose.” – Leading Restaurant Owner 

On average, these Owners are running businesses that are growing in double digits amidst an industry known for strong competition, waning customer loyalty, and intense regulatory scrutiny. To overcome operational capacity challenges triggered by high growth, Owners knew that without a successful solution to high turnover, the rapidly evolving talent market could be their ultimate disruptor.

The Approach

Karrikins Group believes that your company’s reputation is shaped every day – inside and outside of organizational walls. Intentions aside, employers no longer have absolute control of what is said or perceived about their organizations. You must intentionally and consistently shape employee experiences that bring your purpose to life in a manner that helps attract and retain the best talent.

The Solution

Grounding on their intrinsic purpose and piloting individual Franchise Owners right from the start, Karrikins Group co-created a framework and enablement tools to spur evolution. The Employer Brand framework-driven process guides Owners and their Leadership Teams on a multi-step journey to define and activate their unique Employer Brand and drive cultural transformation. Our purpose-driven solution coupled with in-market workshops, community support and one-on-one coaching helps Owners attract talent they care about and individuals they are excited to nurture and grow beside.

​The Impact

After completing the multi-faceted Employer Brand journey, 98% of Owners surveyed are pe sonally committed to implementing and activating their unique Employer Brand. Karrikins’ framework-driven methodology has helped Owners have increased clarity in who they are, what they’re offering, and use their purpose to intentionally level-up their interactions with both staff and potential employees.

Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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Alignment is a solvable problem for those willing to do the work, and the challenge of alignment shouldn’t hold you or your team back. Schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn how alignment can result in a greater impact for you & your team.