​The Challenge

A world leading Global Package Foods Company aspired to drive growth across its multinational corporation as it implemented several initiatives to modernize manufacturing processes with new plants and equipment to reduce costs and improve productivity in a changing industry landscape. These investments were designed to enable a significant percentage of their Global Power Brands to be produced on advantaged assets and become key contributors to overall margin improvement.

With over 80,000 employees across six continents, multiple acquisitions, inconsistent processes and cultural variances left them with misaligned operations and limited agility to make the necessary strides to drive growth around the globe. They needed to rapidly transform their collective capability to change.

 Recognizing that change is the only constant and that leaders have a disproportionate impact on an organization’s ability to inspire changeability and align decision making, they knew they had to start from the top down. Without leadership buy-in and their willingness to alter mindsets and behaviors, nothing else mattered. Their ability to respond to change and competency to lead through change would be critical to their success.

The Approach

Karrikins Group was brought in to partner with their Global Org Effectiveness Team and each of its regional leads to guide the development of the right culture to support the creation of an operating model to help deliver against growth (Global Power Brands), executional excellence (speed to market and world-class capabilities), and cost objectives (best-in-class cost management).

Knowing that companies don’t transform, people do, we set out to shift leadership behavior so that changeability became a part of their natural ways of working and a core competency of their culture. A key goal of our transformational change work is not only to help an organization understand change as a core part of business but provide the tools necessary to gracefully adapt to that change and give their people a positive experience while going through that transformation.

The Solution

Over a two-year period and multiphase implementation, Karrikins Group guided their company’s leadership on a journey of changeability. Through discovery work, operational assessments, and building on their already strong values, Karrikins Group developed a ‘stretchy’ change framework of simple, actionable and practical tools for internal application.

Our consultants partnered with regional leads in 15 countries across the globe to implement the customized framework, facilitate workshops and coaching sessions, along with continuously creating tools and resources aimed to cultivate changeability, increase leadership capability, and ensure organizational readiness.

​The Impact

Throughout this enterprise-wide transformation, Karrikins Groups’ capability development and agility training elevated leaders ability to change themselves and nimbly respond to change. By working with hundreds of leaders across the globe, we were able to indirectly touch all employees worldwide and build accountability, agility and resilience to change. Through intentional shifts in behavior, language and process steps, their leaders are now changeable. These shifts have become a cultural marker of this Global Package Foods Company; fundamentally changing how leaders lead, employees work and the impact they make on the world.

Changeability is evident in the business outcomes. Leaders are responding to the changing consumer landscape, reformulating and expanding its snacks, building a strong e-commerce franchise, and executing a global strategy. In the five-year period following our engagement, adjusted operating margins increased over 600 basis points and they continue to deliver year-over-year financial improvements.

Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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