Check out our latest Karrikins coffee break: Don’t let strategy be a side hustle, make it business as usual for your leaders

Executing on strategy should be part of business as usual. Unfortunately, leaders often treat it like a side hustle – their ‘other job’ instead of their ‘real job.’ Join Dr. Julie Williamson for a 30-minute coffee break to talk about how to understand this deeply habituated approach to strategy and to explore some practical ways to break the cycle.


As we continue to think about how to best work within the context of COVID-19, we have all learned a tremendous amount about how to be flexible, extend grace to each other and to ourselves, and to lead, manage, and deliver in new and different ways. Many companies are starting to project forward to a post-COVID world with an eye toward leveraging all the lessons learned to build a fresh work environment that incorporates new ways of working. Our 45-day Evolution of Normal methodology helps you to evaluate where you need to shift your colleagues, culture, company, and customers to fully take advantage of all that has been learned. Learn more and set up a 30-minute discussion about where you are today and where you’d like to go.

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