Make HOW Matter: 5 Ways to Activate Leaders and Accelerate Transformation [Webinar]

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By: Julie Williamson, PhD

It is rare for leaders to be as clear on HOW to lead together as they are on WHAT they do and WHY they do it. This quick, engaging, and informative 30-minute KARRIKINS Coffee Break talks about HOW to activate leaders to shift their behaviors and decisions to drive new and more strategically focused outcomes. Watch below!

As a leader, we know you want to have a greater impact on your customers, colleagues, and shareholders. You want to be a transformative leader and you want to lead a transformed team. The KARRIKINS Behavior Model primes leaders to change and teaches them HOW to sustain new behaviors through aligned organizational activation.

Want additional resources? Let this corresponding Coffee Break PDF be your guide starting to align your team around HOW to deliver together on your most ambitious goals. 

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