Karrikins Solutions

We help organizations outperform the limitations of strategy, structure, capital allocation, and market conditions by driving alignment to HOW executives need to lead to fully realize their WHY and WHAT.

Our work uniquely integrates expertise in consulting, facilitation, and coaching to help leaders move from agreement to alignment. We create the space for quality conversation to inspire aligned action.

Executive teams and companies are all in different starting places, so we offer different types of solutions.

Are you curious? We are. Let’s have a 30-minute conversation about making HOW matter  for your company!

    Three disciplines converge for
    immersive, engaging, and inspiring
    leadership transformation.

    Executive Team Journeys

    Make HOW matter for leaders to align and deliver

    Our Journey work creates a clear understanding of your Diamond Triangle. We make visible the mindsets, group dynamics, and organizational factors that drive behaviors and business decisions. That’s the foundation for creating alignment to achieve new outcomes.

    Journeys are focused on HOW you will deliver as a unified leadership team. Your team will co-create an Alignment Blueprint that clearly lays out how to work together to deliver on your most important growth strategies.

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    Outsized growth for outsized ambitions

    We love partnering with companies who are striving to make an outsized impact. We know leadership alignment is crucial, regardless of size and scale.  We partner with various types of associations to co-offer the Karrikins Group Alignment Journey. This approach provides leaders of small to mid-sized businesses with access to fresh ideas, inspiring outcomes, and better results.

    Our Cohort Program is ideal for member-based organizations, associations, franchisers, and private equity firms who want to accelerate growth for member companies. If you are looking to create a market differentiator for your group while providing a growth focused experience for your leaders, the Karrikins Group Cohort Program is a perfect fit.

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    There is no growth without a catalyst 

    Alignment often starts with a spark. Our catalytic workshops range from two hours to two days and will kick start making HOW matter in your organization. They are appropriate for conferences as well as team environments and can be delivered in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid model.

    We take groups through fresh, interactive, thought-provoking, and expertise-grounded content that leaves them with actionable ways to move forward. We partner with you to configure our content to your context for an exceptional participant experience.

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    Powerful Boards make a hugely positive impact – is yours doing that?

    Alignment starts at the top, and Boards are at the top of many companies. Unfortunately, many Boards are missing the opportunity to be as effective as possible at partnering with CEOs and their executives to guide the company and deliver to investors.

    We help Board members align to each other and to the management team by clarifying HOW they will work together to produce exceptional results. The best outcome of our work is a strong partnership between Boards and Executive Teams.

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