Aligned Team Program: Online library

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The Aligned Team Program online library is full of great resources and content for you to use! This library is a collection of all the various assets that are referenced throughout the program, organized into Karrikins Group resources, worksheets, and external resources.

While we monitor regularly, it is possible that some content will no longer be available, particularly if it is external.

Alignment Institute
Moving from agreement to alignment means changing deeply embedded habits, recasting success stories, and shifting your identity as a leader to drive collective outcomes. It is harder than it seems on the surface, and leaders who have the courage to go first and take on the challenge of alignment will accelerate success.

At Karrikins Group we are on a mission to build a new breed of leaders who refuse to settle – the ones who aren’t OK with being just OK. We are committed to making HOW matter – building the clarity, commitment, and connection required to courageously bring your most ambitious strategies to life. 

Our premier leadership programs are grounded in the four dimensions of alignment: Clarity, Connection, Commitment, and Courage. As leaders explore how to work beyond agreement by creating alignment with their colleagues, each dimension comes into play to create the conditions for growth.