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Intentional Optimism Dispositions Self-Scan

Karrikins Group works with leadership teams to bridge the gap between agreement and alignment to execute on strategies, transform their industries, and deliver value for their clients. How leaders get aligned and stay in alignment with each other is heavily influenced by the energy they bring to their teams. Our IO Dispositions Model™ helps leaders to understand how they might be showing up and the impact it might be having in their organizations.

Take less than 5 minutes to complete the following self-scan of your current disposition. Choose the statement that fits best, knowing more than one might appeal to you.
I usually feel like:(Required)
I feel like when there’s a crisis, as a company we tend to:(Required)
Other people tend to:(Required)
Generally, our leaders are:(Required)
The weather that best describes my typical emotional reaction to a crisis is:(Required)
When I think about who is responsible for taking action, I think:(Required)

Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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Alignment is a solvable problem for those willing to do the work, and the challenge of alignment shouldn’t hold you or your team back. Schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn how alignment can result in a greater impact for you & your team.