Whether as a force for driving improved performance, or a defense against behaviors that erode the public trust, there is a growing acceptance that purpose plays a pivotal role in building sustainable, high-performing organizations.

This paper is designed to support courageous leaders in bringing purpose to life inside their companies. We hope to share some of the knowledge, insights and experience that we have gathered over thirteen (update?) years working to help companies align to their purpose. It feels like there’s never been a more critical time to do so. We hope that anyone working in roles where alignment to purpose is relevant finds these perspectives and provocations useful.

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It is easy to fall into the Failure Gap – the space between agreement and alignment. This is where good intentions flounder.

Change starts with self, and leaders must be willing to go first and take the leap from agreement to alignment before they ask anyone else to do the same. By going first, leaders build a bridge for the rest of the company to join them in transforming individually and organizationally.

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Today’s business environment requires leaders to develop people who are change-able rather than change-reactive.

By being more intentional about using optimism as a lever for change, leaders can drive stronger changeability throughout the organization, and motivate people to respond to disruption, change, opportunity, and crisis with resilience and strength. To amplify Intentional Optimism, the Karrikins Group OPT-IN model™ has five actions you can take to strengthen how you show up as a pragmatic and forward-focused leader.

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The missing link: It is rare for leaders to be as clear on HOW to work together as they are on WHAT they do and WHY they do it. We are obsessed with closing that gap.

As leaders get clear on HOW to lead together and to work in alignment with each other, the rest of the organization learns to do the same. The result? Innovation, transformation, growth. Without the need for a crisis.

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Use the Diamond Triangle™ Canvas to consider HOW your leadership team works together

COVID-19 was a beta test; now you have to make a decision. What happens next for your place and space?

That’s a question many of our clients are asking. We’ve created a 45-day assessment to check in with your organization about the impact on customers, colleagues, culture, and company. In this process, we work with you to define a future hybrid work environment that takes advantage of all the lessons of an all-remote experience and the best of what your work environment was prior to March, 2020. It’s an exciting and energizing experience for your whole organization to take the opportunity to reflect on what’s been gained and project forward on where you want to go.

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As we continue to think about how to best work within the context of COVID-19, we have all learned a tremendous amount about how to be flexible, extend grace to each other and to ourselves, and to lead, manage, and deliver in new and different ways. Many companies are starting to project forward to a post-COVID world with an eye toward leveraging all the lessons learned to build a fresh work environment that incorporates new ways of working. Our 45-day Evolution of Normal methodology helps you to evaluate where you need to shift your colleagues, culture, company, and customers to fully take advantage of all that has been learned. Learn more and set up a 30-minute discussion about where you are today and where you’d like to go.

Welcome to 2021! We at Karrikins Group are setting intentions for how to do the work that matters most, and reflecting on the very different ways we have learned to interact with clients and colleagues. Join us for New Year Bingo, and see if any of these new behaviors, expressions, and ways of working resonate with you!

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Karrikins Group’s Senior Consultant Kate Huckabay and Chief Growth Enabler, Julie Williamson, PH.D., host a 30-minute discussion on how to lead in a hybrid work environment and the importance of seizing the moment to re-imagine work.