One of the biggest challenges today’s companies face is the threat of disruption from nontraditional competitors. In fact, in IBM’s recent survey of global C-level executives, a common refrain was that executives are most fearful of the competitor they’re not even aware of yet. The question that many businesses find themselves grappling with then is – is it possible to build an organization that is capable of leading and shaping industry disruption, rather than being subject to it?

The answer is yes, although it is far from simple to accomplish.

Peter recently sat down with one of the world’s foremost strategic thinkers and business consultants, Josh Linkner, to discuss the Karrikins Group vision of how a company can establish itself as growth-enabled and capable of delivering value year after year.  Josh recently joined forces with the Karrikins Group to further efforts toward helping companies become innovative and growth-enabled. He personifies creativity, entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation. He was the founder and CEO of four tech companies that sold for a combined value of more than $200 million. 

Throughout the course of their discussion, Sheahan and Linkner unpack the growth-enabled organization (GEO) model that the Karrikins Group has defined, outlining the five key dimensions shared among companies that are creating the right focus and commitment to accelerate value and be growth enabled. Although few, if any, are perfect in every dimension, all are in constant pursuit of finding ways to be better and shape their industry’s disruption, rather than being subject to it.

While there is no one right way to be growth enabled – organizations of all sizes and types can be growth enabled – being a GEO does mean having clarity around and alignment to the five key dimensions: Aspiration, Culture, Leadership, Operating Model and Market Relevance. 

Check out the full interview on Huffington Post:

Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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