Just what makes one company capture hearts and minds while another disappears? Or enables a company to be a leader that reshapes its market? It’s not a matter of slick advertising or big-ticket branding. It can’t be determined on the strength and charisma of a CEO alone, and it takes more than a great product or terrific service.

The companies on top are the ones that actually matter to all of us. They found ways to offer more and do more than any of their other competitors. That’s the idea behind Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice (BenBella, 2016), a savvy book by Peter Sheahan and Julie Williamson, Ph.D. The authors are part of an innovative consultancy, Karrikins Group — Sheahan is founder and CEO, and Williamson is VP for strategy and research. Their book is tailor-made for these quicksilver, uncertain times.

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Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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Alignment is a solvable problem for those willing to do the work, and the challenge of alignment shouldn’t hold you or your team back. Schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn how alignment can result in a greater impact for you & your team.