National Real Estate Developer:​Unlocking the Collective Power of a Leadership Team

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Written by: Julie Williamson, PhD

Sitting on a goldmine of collective expertise, this award-winning National Real Estate Developer desired to move beyond what they’ve known as possible and grow the value of their company by leveraging the unified power of its leadership team.

Overcoming Success

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When you are an industry leader known for your relentless pursuit of excellence, years of financial and organizational success aren’t always enough.  Sitting on a goldmine of collective expertise, this award-winning National Real Estate Developer desired to move beyond what they’ve known as possible and grow the value of their company by leveraging the unified power of its leadership team.

The CEO was clear on his vision and repeatedly communicated his strategic objectives, yet he wasn’t seeing the desired actions or results from his executive team. The group was having trouble articulating what and why they do what they do, consequently, actions were misaligned. They needed leaders who embrace their decentralized role as regional heads, are strategic thinkers instead of doers, and who effectively communicate and model behaviors to their teams.


Invisible Leadership

Karrikins Group believes that achieving visible leadership alignment is the key predictor of success.  We see alignment as coordinated action and involves a constant process of evaluation and adjustment. Alignment requires clarity and commitment to the future desired state and that requires individuals to connect to new behaviors and mindsets, plus courageously take coordinated actions different from the current state.

Led by strong sponsorship from the CEO and his willingness to go first in making their leadership visible, we joined forces to accelerate growth by building alignment capabilities and fiercely holding leaders accountable to their aspirations.  Their senior leaders needed to focus on a shared commitment while building routines and habits that energetically support and connect their teams to company strategy.


Transformation is Slow

Transformation can feel like walking through mud; slow, dirty, and hard to progress.  It is not a one-time event but rather a journey to generate changeable leaders who are able to continually grow and transform as individuals and who inspire actions that are in alignment with their future desired state.

Change requires action. We must move leadership teams from compliance-based behaviors to inspired ownership of the future they have collectively created and committed to.  Therefore, we ask senior leaders to start with self first, create clarity around how their leadership needs to change, and then alter behaviors to deliver on their shared aspirations. Our process creates leadership clarity, commitment, connection, and courage while building a foundation for team accountability to the necessary changes.


Slog to Sprint

Senior leaders were guided through a provocative, experiential process that creates a mindset of transformation, inspires personal connection, and expands capabilities.  We used a co-creation approach to craft a shared Leadership Aspiration statement that provides clarity and promotes fierce accountability, moving the team from awareness of future objectives to ownership of their outcomes.

Building a new leadership framework gave the team a foundation for how to bring their aspiration to life and a branded Communication Toolkit taught them how to communicate, not just what to communicate.  Additionally, Karrikins Group facilitated one-on-one development sessions and workshops to challenge assumptions and establish shared language, after which ongoing coaching and accountability measures helped to crystalize these new, coordinated behaviors.


Creating Karrikins

With clarity around aligned behavior and coordinated actions, our client’s leaders underwent an evolution of how they need to lead differently in order to realize a future worthy of their personal investment and commitments.  Taking ownership of their own transformation has inspired action and altered the culture of the entire organization. By actively using the leadership framework, their senior leaders now understand how to continually align their decisions and behaviors and consequently have seen a more positive change in one year than in their entire history.

Moving forward as a cohesive whole, with shared clarity and aligned action allows this Real Estate Developer to deliver upon its mission of being known for the experiences it creates for its communities and for the value it delivers to all its stakeholders.

Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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Alignment is a solvable problem for those willing to do the work, and the challenge of alignment shouldn’t hold you or your team back. Schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn how alignment can result in a greater impact for you & your team.