We were approached by a health and wellness service provider to help them target a market segment that they had limited experience with. They recognized that as health care consumption shifts towards a value-based, consumer-driven model, there is an opportunity to penetrate the employer market through innovative offerings in a way that controls costs. However, their business was centered primarily around health plans and they recognized that they needed help in designing a go-to-market plan. We were asked to:

  • Create a refined value proposition that elevated the company beyond traditional thinking around wellness and condition management
  • Design a B2B sales process that was designed around the way that employers buy
  • Develop a way to prioritize the universe of prospects that went beyond employee count


We went beyond a refined value proposition to articulate how the client needed to “change the conversation” to elevate their offering beyond the traditional health and wellness framework

We described the differences in how different types of employers view the value proposition, and articulated a framework to prioritize prospects qualitatively. This led to a significant shift not only in qualifying prospects, but also on the kinds of information that needed to be examined in the existing CRM database.

We created a refined sales process that not only pointed out needed changes in the employer segment, but also led to a broader conversation that brought in Marketing and Proposals. This drove cross-functional alignment and change that went beyond the scope of the initial deliverable.

Exceptional Results Come from Alignment

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