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For years, ChangeLabs has provided services to clients around the world, built behavior changing programs that nudge people forward, crafted events that inspire and provoke participants, and delivered consulting services that help companies orient towards the future. We realized in this past year that we have reached a point in our own journey where we have outgrown our ChangeLabs name, and we began a process to bring increased focus on the company we are today and want to be in the future. That clarity yielded an important insight. We love to help our clients create more value for their markets, employees, and communities through positive growth. Growth may require behavior change and transformation, challenging deeply held assumptions, revaluating old problems in new ways, and articulating a bold set of strategic commitments, together with a path to deliver. Change is only one part of our story, and we needed to think differently about how we present ourselves to the world.

We are pleased to announce our new name: Karrikins Group. The name is inspired by a natural chemical compound that activates new growth in plants after disruption, and as a catalyst for positive change, it represents the spirit of our organization. Karrikins Group continues the core mission of ChangeLabs by standing at the intersection of social impact and commercial gain.

Our Business Growth Solutions (BGS) practice area focuses on consulting services for companies striving to matter more to their markets, employees, communities, and investors. Like the karrikins compounds that stimulate growth, we strive to catalyze growth in the organizations and people we encounter, especially those in the midst of disruption. We partner with clients who want to matter more in their markets and communities to help them to succeed in both, with employees who are aligned and committed to the future. Our Community Investment Solutions (CIS) practice area works with companies to build world class programs to drive positive behavior change while supporting the long term goals of our clients. CIS increases business value and social impact of community investments through strategic alignment, branded programming, and evaluation and measurement for some of the most well-known brands around the world.

Our founder and CEO, Peter Sheahan, together with other thought leaders in our group, will continue to speak at worldwide events, taking our message of how to matter more out to larger audiences and venues. Peter’s passion for compelling positive change in people while building momentum for growth in companies is unparalleled, and his speaking events are consistently rated at the top of the scale based on participant feedback. Karrikins Group is excited to be delivering thought-leadership experiences world-wide, with several speakers and facilitators available to take the message out to audiences large and small.

We are excited about the future and how we can matter more to our clients, communities, and employees. Our new name reflects that optimism and commitment to growth. Please join us in launching Karrikins Group to the world, and feel free to reach out if you have questions, suggestions, or comments – your voice is always welcome. Our new website can be found at, and our other digital platforms will be following suit, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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