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Minding the (failure) gap: Closing the space between Agreement and Alignment

It is easy to fall into the Failure Gap – the space between agreement and alignment. This is where good intentions flounder.

At Karrikins Group, we know that moving from agreement to alignment sounds simple, but it is incredibly hard for individuals and even harder for groups to align on how to take an idea and make it a reality.

Change starts with self. Leaders must be willing to go first and take the leap to alignment before they ask anyone else to do the same. By going first, leaders build a bridge for the rest of the company to join them in transforming individually and organizationally.

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Use The Space Between exercise to learn to recognize the key differences between communicating agreement and alignment within your teams.

Take a 30 minute coffee break with Dr. Julie Williamson, who speaks about taking on the challenge of moving from agreement to alignment and ideas for pushing yourself and your colleagues to accelerate your most important initiatives, priorities, and investments. | Review highlights from the webinar