Executing on strategy should be part of business as usual. Unfortunately, leaders often treat it like a side hustle – their ‘other job’ instead of their ‘real job.’ Join Karrikins Group’s Chief Growth Enabler, Dr. Julie Williamson for a 30-minute webinar to talk about how to understand this deeply habituated approach to strategy and to explore some practical ways to break the cycle.

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Setting and executing on an ambitious strategy that drives transformation is crucial in today’s business environment. Your strategy must be bold enough to shake apart deeply held beliefs, relationships, and organizational habits otherwise it will fail to transform your company.

How ambitious is your organization’s strategy? KG’s Julie Williamson, PhD shares seven questions to ask as you set strategy – and – to evaluate how well your strategy delivered last year.

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Take a 30 minute coffee break with Dr. Julie Williamson, who speaks on how to take strategy out of the annual review process and into business-as-usual. | Watch the discussion and download a recap of the highlights:

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